About Me

My goal is to be a protagonist in the ongoing digital transformation that is changing the world, aiming to make a positive and meaningful impact on people's lives. Hey, I'm Francesco a dedicated software engineer from Italy. I currently live near Milan, in the northern part of the country. My passion for software and technology was nurtured during my school years, sparked by the first computer I owned: an old Toshiba laptop gifted to me by my grandfather. Throughout personal and university projects, I have gained valuable experience in . Currently, I am expanding my knowledge by learning Python and exploring Machine Learning in my spare time.

I have a particular interest in the human-computer interaction and the profound impact it has on our lives. Computers are fascinating machines with far-reaching implications that are often overlooked. This aspect has become a focal point of my exploration, driven by curiosity and a desire to understand the intricate relationship between humans and technology.
I am currently in my third year as a computer science student and I will graduate this year. With an enthusiastic drive to excel, I am actively seeking prestigious internship opportunities to apply my skills and contribute to meaningful projects.

There are several reasons that drive me to share my thoughs and experiences. Firstly, blogging allows me to refine my skills in expressing ideas through the written word; it serves as a "personal trainer" towards becoming a more effective communicator.
Moreover, blogging provides me the opportunity to track my learning and critical thinking growth in the ever-evolving field of technology, while creating a valuable resource for both myself and others. Additionally, I find that researching into topics that grab my interest and re-leaborating on them through blog psots, brings greater clarity to my thought. It allows me to have deeper understandings and develop more perspectives.