Recommended Readings
This list was last updated in October 2023.
So Good They Can't Ignore You
In this book you are presented with compelling scientific and contemporary case study evidence that the key to one's career success is not to 'follow your passion'. Indeed that's a bad career advice. You should try to find out what you do well, build 'career capital' and focus all your efforts into that direction. It changed how I think about my career, my long term goals, how to achieve them and how to craft a remarkable life.

Persuasive Technology
Dr. B.J. Fogg is the director of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University. In this book, based on 9 years of researches in capotology, he reveals how different interfaces can be used to change people's attitude and behaviour.

The Filter Bubble
An eye-opening book of how the hidden rise of personalization on the Internet is controlling and limiting the information we consume. This trends undermines the Internet's original purpose as an open platform for the spread of ideas and could live us all in an isoleted echoing world. I like this book because it makes us aware how insidious customization of the web is limiting our access to information, and narrowing rather than expanding our horizons.