Writing posts is difficult

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post and honestly I don’t know what this new project will become.

I wrote this right after I finished developing this website, so I opened my Notion app to start writing and let the words flow out of my mind. However, after some time had passed, I was only coming up with boring ideas for my first post. I even questioned myself whether blogging was still a good idea, as I tend to change my mind easily on many things. So after I pondered for a while, a light bulb went on in my head. I could write why I’m struggling and why writing posts is difficult.

Why is it difficult?

Reason #1: Afraid to public personal thoughts

I believe that everyone who runs a personal blog experiences some level of fear. Publishing personal opinions and/or feelings can be scary as it exposes to criticism. judgement and a loss of privacy. I personally struggle with this fears even as I write this post. But what’s the alternative? I could try to write in a neutral tone and avoid taking a stand, but that would likely make for a dull and uninteresting blog. So I will include some personal experiences, perspectives and storytelling to add some unique and personal touches to the blog.

Of course there will be some thoughts that I’ll water down a bit more, but I’ll work hard to deliver the most faithful message possible.

Frankly I think that only newspapers should be neutral, although I don’t think they are. Perhaps that's a topic for a future post. Maybe.

Reason #2: Nobody will read my blog

I’m not going to write many words on this. Practically nobody will read my blog. Even if it’s good it may take a very long time before a considerable number of people read it. Also I want to clarify that I have no intention of advertising my blog or pleasing others to increase my views.

At this point you may think that what I’m doing is stupid, but bear with me for a little longer.

Reason #3: Everybody's already do blogs

There are already many blogs similar to mine. Hundreds of thousands probably. And for this reason I have the feeling that I’m writing things that people already knows or that have already been discussed. And it also may be true. But the thing I like to remember is that there’s a “right time” to learn something that’s different for everyone.

And above all my own personal reasons to blogging.

So why do I blog?

There are two main reasons:

The narcissistic one

When I write I slow down my thoughts and put them into words, which allows me to see patterns, make connections and understand them better. Writing gives me also the opportunity to improve my communications skills, since I’m forced to ask myself whether a sentence makes sense or not. To me, this is worth half the effort.

The humble one

I look at my blog more as a “garden” than a "stream" (as written in this article). In this metaphor a "garden" is a place where things don’t collapse into a single set of relations or canonical sequence. Every time someone walks in the "garden", new meanings are discovered. It’s like a personal diary, but without the chronological order. To me, the point of blogging is to share opinions and where I’m at in life. For this reasons I don’t think that a “stream” structure, like TikTok or Instagram, would fit well. Furthermore I believe that everyone should be free to explore following the path they prefer. Being guided by a predefined schedule is rarely a good idea.

What's next?

Going forward, I plan to publish articles about my opinions on technology, finance, current events, or any other topics I’m working on or thinking about. This is a personal blog, so I will only write when I have something meaningful to say that meets my standards for quality. To stay updated, I recommend subscribing to my newsletter. You can expect to receive simple, spam-free notifications whenever a new post is published.

I’m sure I’m not the strongest writer or storyteller, but I believe that the topics that will be covered in my articles will make up for that. And I’m hoping that with some practice I can improve my writing quality.

That’s all for now, thank you all for reading my blog.

See you in the next post!


PS: From a strictly technical perspective there are still a lot of things that I could improve in this website. This is the GitHub repo if you wanna take a peak. For those interested - after all it’s also a tech blog - I’ve developed it using Next.js - and deployed on Vercel - since I needed a fast, reliable, and SEO-friendly website.