About me

Hey, I'm Francesco an Italian software developer.

I currently live near Milan, in the north of Italy. I was weaned as a software developer on school, starting with my first computer, an old Toshiba laptop my grandfather left me when I was young. I've also spent significant time writing PHP, Javascript and Java code in personal and/or University projects. Currently learning Python and System Design in my free time.

I have a particular interest in the human side of computers and the ways we interact with them. They are fascinating machines, but they have many implications that we often tend to forget.

Currently I'm a third year CS student and I will graduate this year. Actively searching for a prestigious internship.

Why do you blog?

To get better at expressing toughts, feeling and writing. But also because I felt the need to track all of my progress in software development - whatever topic I'm working on. Lastly I think that researching things I find interesting and then re-elaborate on them can help give me more clarity in thoughts.

In this blog I'm going to publish tech, coding, finance, investing and current events posts.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me using the contacts below.

More info about me

  • I stared this blog in February 2023
  • I love listening to rock and classical music. Strange duo? It depends on my mood.
  • My unsorted passion list contains: reading, writing, learning, science, walking and cars (especially Formula1)


This list was last updated in February 2023.

Persuasive Technology - B.J. Fogg

Dr. B.J. Fogg is the director of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University. In this book, based on 9 years of researches in capotology, he reveals how different interfaces can be used to change people's attitude and behaviour.

The Filter Bubble - Eli Pariser

An eye-opening book of how the hidden rise of personalization on the Internet is controlling and limiting the information we consume. This new trend undermines the Internet's original purpose as an open platform for the spread of ideas and could live us all in an isoleted echoing world.