About me
My goal is to be a protagonist in the ongoing digital transformation that is changing the world, aiming to make a positive and meaningful impact on people's lives.

I'm Francesco Barbieri a dedicated software developer from Italy. I currently live near Milan, in the northern part of the country. My passion for software and technology was nurtured during my school years, sparked by the first computer I owned: an old Toshiba laptop gifted to me by my grandfather. At that time I couldn't know it was the start of a career. Over the course of personal and university projects, as well as through my professional experiences, I have acquired valuable expertise in Java, JavaScript and the web. Currently, I am learning AI amd Machine Learning in my spare time.

Inside Computer Science, the topics I'm the most passionate about are Distributed Systems, Human-Computer Interaction and Persuasive Technologies. This areas inspire me to explore new ways in wich technology can seamlessly be integrated into our lives.

I am currently in my third year as a computer science student and I will graduate this year. I'am actively seeking prestigious internship opportunities to apply my skills and contribute to projects.

My unsorted passion list contains: finance, reading, writing and cars.

I decided to start this blog not only to share my thoughs and experiences, but also becouse blogging allows me to refine my skills in expressing ideas through the written word; it serves as a "personal trainer" towards becoming a more effective communicator and a critical thinker.